John Hancock Life Insurance Review


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John Hancock offers alternatives for a wide range of disaster protection, including term and lasting life coverage. They have a wide scope of all inclusive life items with survivorship life choices. As you analyze life coverage strategy choices, one significant component that makes John Hancock stand apart is their attention on wellbeing and avoidance.

We inspected 25 insurance agencies to perceive how John Hancock piles facing the opposition, considering value, guaranteeing, administration, and then some. Peruse on to see our full take.

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What We Like

  • Imperativeness Plan – just life safety net provider to offer limits for a solid way of life
  • Incredible rates for smokers with some approach motivating forces to stop smoking
  • Life coverage plans accessible for individuals with diabetes
  • A free wellness tracker
  • Limits or advantages with accomplices like Amazon and others
  • Scope of widespread existence with traditionalist to forceful style contributing
  • Life Track intuitive instrument to assist you with following premium changes and objectives
  • A Quit-Smoking Incentive with non-smoker rates

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t offer choices to change over term life to perpetual
  • Self destruction is rarely secured – industry standard is following two years
  • Last cost ensured issue inclusion is costly

Doesn’t offer choices to change over term life to perpetual

Self destruction is rarely secured – industry standard is following two years

Last cost ensured issue inclusion is costly

Organization Overview

John Hancock is a U.S. division of Manulife Financial Corporation. Manulife is the thirteenth biggest insurance agency on the planet. John Hancock Life Insurance Company has been doing business for more than 150 years and is in the main ten life back up plans in the U.S. by direct premiums composed. Notwithstanding disaster protection, they likewise offer annuities, speculations, 401(k) plans, and training investment funds plans.

Accessible Plans

John Hancock offers 14 distinctive life coverage plans with wellbeing highlights that are an inborn piece of the approach or included by a rider. Their arrangements are situated in three essential approach types: term life, last cost, and an enormous determination of general life plans. They extraordinarily showcase a disaster protection strategy intended for individuals with diabetes.2

Yearn With Vitality Plan – For People with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes

Yearn with Vitality is an uncommon disaster protection plan intended for individuals with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.3 It joins a life coverage item with diabetes the board and backing. This is accessible in both term and lasting approach types.

Advantages of the Aspire Vitality Plan are:

  • Investment in the Vitality GO or Vitality PLUS projects.
  • Individuals in the Vitality Plus program can set aside to 25% in premiums.
  • Access to Onduo, subject to qualification rules. Onduo is a cutting edge program for individuals with Type 2 diabetes that gives instructing, clinical help, and education.

Essentialness Wellness Rewards Program

Essentialness permits policyholders with a Vitality Plan or rider add-on to take an interest in one of two projects that help a sound and monetarily fit life. They do this by giving limits and focuses dependent on your physical movement. These limits can bring about advantages or reserve funds on your extra security strategy. There are two choices for the Vitality program: Vitality Go and Vitality Plus.

Imperativeness Go benefits include:

  • A wellness gadget rebate
  • limits
  • Solid apparatus limits
  • HealthyFood advantage focuses and investment funds
  • Free membership to Tufts Health and Nutrition letter

Imperativeness Plus advantages remember everything for Vitality Go, in addition to extra advantages, for example,

Yearly premium investment funds up to 15% on the life coverage premium

The capacity to procure an Apple Watch (profit depend on normal exercise which converts into focuses that at that point gather to either help money or pay for the watch, contingent upon your movement levels.)

  • A free Fitbit
  • gift vouchers
  • Amazon Prime enrollment
  • Limits on lodging remains with
  • Premium membership to the Headspace application
  • Shopping and diversion gift vouchers
  • HealthyFood advantage focuses and investment funds of up to $600 per year in new leafy foods

Stop Smoking Incentive (QSI)

The Quit Smoking Incentive (QSI) offers qualified smokers the chance to profit by standard non-smoker charges for the initial three years of the strategy. After the initial three years, the policyholder must give proof that they have stopped smoking for a year, or the premiums will change to smoker rates. The program is accessible for a very long time 20 to 70 with specific conditions. This can be a colossal favorable position in premium investment funds for smokers to allow them to stop while profiting by lower rates.

On the off chance that you lead a solid way of life or need to get sound, John Hancock has an incredible arrangement called “Essentialness” to help meet or keep those wellness objectives. It’s disaster protection with wellbeing advantages: they will give you a wellness tracker or an Apple Watch, and give you focuses and limits on your life coverage dependent on results.

Term Life Insurance

John Hancock offers term life insurance with several term length options, from a 10-year to a 30-year term, depending on your age and which products you qualify for.

Coverage limits on the term life insurance products depend on how much you want to purchase. John Hancock has a large capacity to insure you for between $25,000 to $65,000,000 in death benefits. You can purchase term life online through John Hancock for amounts of up to $5,000,000. For amounts over $5,000,000, you can ask to speak to a financial representative who will be able to provide quotes.

John Hancock offers two types of term life insurance, both with Vitality Plan options: Simple Term and Fully Underwritten. John Hanock’s term life insurance policies are not convertible, which means that once the term ends you can not change this into a permanent life policy, as may be the case with other life insurance companies.

Simple Term: This policy type is quotable online, with simplified underwriting (which means if you pass the questions, you will not have to take a life insurance medical exam). The advantage is that you can get an instant decision, and coverage is available from $25,000 to $250,000.

Fully Underwritten: The fully underwritten policy can provide coverage if you do not meet the medical history requirements of the Simple Term plan, or if you would like over $5,000,000 of coverage. Coverage starts at $100,000.

Although details about adding a spouse to the policy are not available online, we contacted John Hancock and were told by their agent that there is an option to add coverage for a spouse to the policy within 3 years, which could be an option to inquire about if you are looking to insure yourself and your spouse but do not want to have to purchase two life insurance policies to save money.

Whole Life Insurance

John Hancock offers a few different types of permanent life insurance policies but only one whole life policy, which is a guaranteed issue final expense policy.

John Hancock’s term life insurance offers simplified underwriting options which may give you an instant decision on your life insurance purchase, however, keep in mind that they are one of the few insurers who do not offer conversion options on their term life plans.

Final Expense

John Hancock’s final expense policy has guaranteed acceptance and has the option for an online quote. The plan requires no medical questions or exams, and also allows participation in the Vitality GO program (available everywhere except New York, Washington, and Puerto Rico), which can give you discounts on your life insurance. The final expense policy also offers the option to accumulate cash values.5 The issue ages for the final expense policy are from 55 to 80 years old. Coverage is available from $2,000 to $20,000 and may be available for as little as $11 a month.

Universal Life Insurance

John Hancock offers three universal life insurance options: universal life indexed, universal life, and variable universal life.6 They also offer survivorship universal life plans in each of the three options and plans with guaranteed death benefits.

The Vitality Plan is also available to be added as an option on some plans.

Universal life insurance provides the opportunity to have whole life coverage with cash value options that you can select depending on your long term goals. The different plans with John Hancock provide various investment options for the cash value allocation of the premium. The universal life policies also give you flexibility with premium payments to allow you to adjust how you pay them over time as needed.

  • Universal Life (UL): This plan allows you to adjust the amount of your premium payments as well as the frequency. The cash value account growth is based on a credited interest rate but does not place your funds directly in the market, so they remain protected. You can borrow or withdraw money from the cash values in this account.
  • Protection UL: The Protection UL plan is one of John Hancock’s most affordable universal life policies. It includes a Death Benefit Protection which is a no-lapse guarantee up until age 121, which guarantees that the policy will not default even if the cash surrender value drops to zero or below. The guarantee is subject to certain criteria, such as making sure that the debt on the policy never exceeds the death benefit value.

Indexed Universal Life

The John Hancock indexed universal life policies offer premium flexibility, cash values, and a death benefit, but also include the added advantage of earning interest on a linked indexed account. The policy takes advantage of building more cash value than the standard universal life policy and is available with different plan options to give you the opportunity to decide what level of risk you are comfortable with.

  • Protection IUL: The Protection Indexed Universal Life (IUL) plan includes similar features of the Universal Life (UL), but it allows you to earn interest based on placing cash values in a linked indexed account. The linked account does not participate in equity or stock investments directly, performance will depend on which indexed account options you select. Like the universal life policy, you may switch how your premiums are allocated as your needs or strategy changes, and the plan offers the use of the LifeTrack tool to help you see the impact of the various changes. The Protection IUL policies also include the no-lapse guarantee Death Benefit Protection.
  • Accumulation IUL: This plan is available for issue ages 20 to 90 years old, the minimum value is $50,000. The policy provides you with cash value account options where you can allocate your values: a fixed account and indexed accounts. The indexed accounts are linked to the markets, but provide the security of a 0% floor which means you will not go into the negative based on the market performance but may benefit from interest crediting when the market results are good. The fixed account has a guaranteed rate of 2% or higher. As with the other line of John Hancock products you may opt for living benefits riders and participation in the Vitality Plan which could result in savings on your premiums.

In all cases, policy products, interest rates, and guarantees should be discussed with a John Hancock advisor since the terms and conditions of these policies will change over time or based on market performance. The information we researched should provide a good basis to start the conversation and understand some of the differences in the available plans.

Variable Universal Life

The Variable Universal Life (VUL) plans with John Hancock are similar to the Indexed Universal life plans, except the performance of the cash value account is based on the performance of the investment options and there is no guarantee. The variable universal life plan includes the ability to access the cash values via withdrawals and loans, as well as to transfer funds between various investment options and build your own investment strategy. In the Variable UL plans, you have the option of the Protection VUL plan or Accumulation VUL as well.

Survivorship Universal Life

John Hanock offers different options for survivorship universal life insurance, based on the Universal Life plans described above. The plan features are similar, except that instead of insuring one life, it is a survivorship life policy which means it insures two people on the policy and only pays out on the second to die. Plans include Survivorship UL (SUL), Protection SUL, and Protection SIUL.

List of John Hancock Life Insurance Policy Riders

John Hancock offers a number of riders, in particular a series of living benefits riders, and the option to add the Vitality Plan to many of their policies. A life insurance rider is like an endorsement on an insurance policy; it may be included as part of a policy package, but often has a cost associated with it. You may have to request to add it to the policy or it may not be included.

Depending on the type of life insurance policy or plan you choose with John Hancock, there are various riders available. Here is an example of some of the riders they offer:

  • Vitality Plan: Although the Vitality Plan is included with some insurance plans, it may be added to others, such as Protection UL, for example.
  • Unemployment Protection Waiver of Premium Rider: For an additional fee you can add this rider to your policy. It provides coverage to waive your insurance premiums for the policy (and any riders) for up to 12 months, and up to a premium value of $10,000 (with a maximum policy limit value of $5,000,000). This rider comes into effect if you become unemployed for more than four weeks and can prove that you have been receiving federal or state unemployment benefits during this time and is subject to a waiting period. The coverage can be used twice during the level term period.10
  • Critical Illness Benefit Rider: This rider is part of the living benefits options and offers a lump sum income tax-free payment in addition to the life insurance benefit. It may be used in the event of a critical illness, such as a heart attack, cancer, or stroke.11
  • Long-Term Care Rider: This rider is part of the living benefits options John Hancock offers. This is an optional rider that can be added to some policies which offer the option to have an accelerated death benefit to help pay costs of long-term care insurance. This amount is taken from the death benefit value of the policy, so any amount not used would be paid out in the death benefit.

Client support

John Hancock offers data on its projects and items through the site.

The worth included advantages in the Vitality Plan incorporate help for helping you lead a solid way of life, and limits on things like new foods grown from the ground, wellbeing and nourishment pamphlets, and accomplice limits and free advantages with organizations like Amazon.12 They go well beyond attempting to give assets to their policyholders so they have assets to improve or look after wellbeing, which is bizarre for a disaster protection organization.

John Hancock offers a couple of choices for client support. On the web or call focus support is given through an online assistance agent who can respond to fundamental inquiries on the term life items and the ensured issue arrangements. In any case, in the event that you need to examine any of the perpetual life choices, for example, Universal Life, they will move you to another division that deals with the lasting protection and associate you with a guide.

Life Track Policy Management Interactive Service

John Hancock enables their policyholders with various devices and bolster administrations to keep them solid, yet they likewise offer another instrument: Life Track. Lifetrack is an intuitive device to assist you with dealing with your arrangement premiums for specific kinds of approaches that offer adaptable premium installment choices, similar to the Protection UL plan.

The upside of the Life Track apparatus is that you can utilize it to ensure that as you change your excellent installments, you are still in accordance with your protection destinations and money esteem amassing plans. Another pleasant advantage is that in the event that you take an interest in a Vitality Plan, this data will likewise be coordinated into the device so you can consider any top notch investment funds you are getting from that program.